Franki Africa aligns itself with the Keller Group’s Code of Business Conduct.

We have a broad geographic footprint and operate across a range of diverse business cultures. We do, however, have a common set of ethical values which infuse many aspects of our business. These values promote honesty, fairness and integrity in our relations with our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the community and underpin the following guiding principles.

Laws, regulations and local cultures

  • We comply with the laws and regulations where we work.
  • We do not behave in an anti-competitive way.
  • We do our best to respect local traditions and cultures.


  • We aim to eliminate injuries at work through continuously improving our safety management.
  • We believe everyone should be employed and promoted on the basis of their personal merit and contribution.
  • We provide training and development to enable people to increase their contribution.
  • We treat people with dignity and respect and do not tolerate unlawful harassment or discrimination.
  • We expect our employees not to use privileged information unfairly for their own advantage.
  • We expect the private interests of our employees not to interfere with the best interests of the Company.

Customers, suppliers and competitors

  • We do not offer, authorise, pay or accept bribes or any improper payments to win or retain business.
  • We only ever accept gifts or favours if they are of a modest value and unlikely to harm objective judgement.
  • We offer gifts or entertainment on the same basis and we never give or accept gifts of money.
  • We compete fairly and honestly and will not engage in damaging competitors’ reputations.
  • We do not expect employees to have a personal financial interest in any competitor, customer or supplier, unless that interest is approved in writing by a Director of the Company. (Holdings of less than 5% in a publicly traded company are excluded).


  • We do our best to minimise the harmful impact of our work on the environment.
  • We do our best to support the communities in which we work.