Thorsten Holl is the President of Keller’s EMEA Division under whose jurisdiction Franki Africa falls.  He has held a number of leadership roles with ABB and the Alstom Group, where he led several of its international businesses.  Thorsten has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany and a Master of Commerce from the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Errol graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1991.  He commenced his career working as a Consultant, then joined the Franki Team in 1996 as a Senior Design Engineer.  Errol left Franki in 2000 and found his way back home in April 2015.  During this period he was involved in various infrastructure related projects.  He was appointed an Executive Manager with Bombela (concessionaire of the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link) where he remained for 9 years. Errol was appointed Managing Director of Franki Africa on the 1st October, 2015.

Chris Jiyane
Chris is a qualified Architect who is well known in the construction industry.  He was the founding Managing Director of Rainbow Construction and has also been involved with Aveng, in a business development roll, at Director level.  Chris was recently appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Construction Industry Development Board and is also a Trustee of the newly registered Franki Africa Employee and Community Trusts.
Bukelwa Bulo
Bukelwa is a qualified Chartered Accountant.  She worked for Investec Private Equity who were our financial partners prior to our joining with Esor. At the time she attended our Franki Africa Board meetings by invitation and, as such, gained a useful insight into, and an understanding of our specialist business. She is now self employed and is pursuing a career in the commercial property marketplace.  Bukelwa is also a Trustee of the newly registered Franki Africa Employee and Community Trust.

Veronica has been with Franki since June 2004. Prior to joining us, over 14 years ago, she served as an Accountant at the Grinaker-Lta Construction Group for 15 Years.  Veronica is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Adminstrators and holds a B Compt degree – Batchelor of Accounting Science in finance.  She is also currently the Group Accountant for Franki Africa and has extensive financial experience.  She was appointed as the Company Secretary on the Board of Franki Africa (Pty) Ltd in April 2017.


 Brian McDonald

Regional Director – Sub-Saharan Africa

 In the Construction Industry since 1978

Joined Franki Africa: 1st January 2017

Ryan Goss

Group Works Executive

Joined Franki Africa: 8th August 1978

Pierre Swart

Financial Director

In the Accounting profession since 1999

Joined Franki Africa: 1st  September 2014

Jacques Erasmus

HSEQ Manager

In the Construction Industry since 1996 & in the field of Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management since 2004

Joined Franki Africa: 3rd April 2001

Roy Louw

Regional Director – West Coast

In the  Construction Industry since 1977 &  in the Marine and Geotechnical fields since 1981

Joined Franki Africa: 1st May 1987

Garry Boyd

In the Geotechnical Engineering field since 1975

Joined Franki Africa: 1st March 1975

Victor Ferreira

Business Development Manager

 In the Geotechnical Engineering Industry since 1992

Joined Franki Africa: 16th July 2012

Mike Taitz

Regional Director – Central Division

In the Construction Industry since 1982

Joined Franki Africa: 1st March 1994

Nicol Chang

Technical Director

Joined Franki Africa: 1st November 2007

Gavin Byrne

Group Technical Executive

In the Construction Industry since 1972

Joined Franki Africa: 1st September 1987

William Neuwenhuis

HR Director

Joined Franki Africa: 1st September 1999

Ashley Sibanda

IT Manager

In the IT Industry since 2008

Joined Franki Africa : 7th  April 2014