At Franki we strive to create a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.

Our Safety Goal

The construction industry, in which all our businesses operate, poses significant health and safety challenges but we must not accept that people will inevitably be injured whilst working for us or with us.  Our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries through the effective management of safety in all our operations.

Franki’s health and safety performance is managed and measured internally by a full-time Company Safety Manager, with full-time safety co-ordinators in each of the divisions.

Our Safety Principles

Underpinning this goal are three fundamental Safety Principles:

  • All Accidents are Preventable

    We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.

    We are all responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behaviour or work conditions.

  • No Repeat Occurrences

    All accidents and high potential near misses will be investigated to determine what happened and why.

    All necessary steps will be taken to prevent recurrence.

  • Minimum Standards

    We will adopt a common set of minimum standards throughout the Group.

    Management (at all levels) has the responsibility of implementing and maintaining the standards.

We expect that these Safety Principles will define our safety culture, behaviours and performance standards and, in so doing, will assist us in our progress towards eliminating injuries in our workplace.  The safety of our people is a value which is not compromised for schedule or cost.

We hold our managers and supervisors accountable for the safety of our people.  We expect them to provide effective leadership in safety whilst recognising that all employees are responsible for good safety behaviour.  Management of every business or operation is responsible for following the Safety Principles and implementing and maintaining the Minimum Safety Standards.  We will set appropriate objectives against which to monitor progress.


A ‘Zero Harm’ philosophy with respect to the environment has also been instituted through the Company, whereby there is an overriding commitment, by all employees, to environmental responsibility and the sustainable development thereof.

Environmental Managment

We aspire to ‘Zero Harm’ to people and the environment.