Franki Africa celebrated its seventy-second year of operating in South Africa in November 2018, making it the oldest geotechnical contracting company in the Southern African region.

Franki Africa was originally founded as a branch of Frankipile, a large, Belgium-based, well-renowned, international geotechnical company, which itself was established in 1909.  Whilst the ownership of Frankipile changed over the years, the South African operation maintained its steady performance and, in so doing, enhanced and consolidated its reputation as the leader in Southern Africa.

In 1998, with the effective “unbundling” of the international holding company, the Executive Management, together with a financial institution, were able to effect a Management Buy-Out.

With renewed focus and commitment, the Executive Management Team continued to grow both the capacity and capability and, with it, the reputation of Franki Africa in a geographical footprint of sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

In November 2006, Franki Africa joined forces with JSE-listed Esor Ltd, another competent and reputable geotechnical contractor, thus enhancing service to the marketplace, both from an experience and a product range perspective, under the banner of Esorfranki Geotechnical.

In November 2013, Keller, the largest independent geotechnical contractor in the world, who is listed on the London Bourse (, acquired the Esorfranki Geotechnical division, with the geotechnical unit now trading as “FRANKI AFRICA”.

Keller has a leading and established presence in Europe, North America and Australasia and a growing presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  It is renowned for providing technically advanced and cost-effective foundation solutions.

As part of the Keller Group, Franki Africa has access to new technologies and innovative products.