Franki Certified to provide construction related services on critical projects, in compliance with Level 4 restrictions

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Franki complies fully with the Governmental Directive for workplace preparedness.

 Over and above the usual / expected hand sanitizer, masks to all employees, etc… Franki has the following in place:

  • Detailed “return to work” / Post Lockdown procedure document
  • Awareness posters informing employees about Covid-19


  • Project Start-up checklists to prepare sites before work will re-commence
  • Thermometers for screening employees and visitors, with registers to record this
  • Detailed Covid-19 Risk Assessment
  • Training and re-induction of all employees on Covid-19 related information
  • Checklists for ensuring offices are cleaned, disinfected and maintained
  • We have adapted our DSTI (Daily Safe Task Instruction) to include Covid-19 aspects; this is discussed with the workforce daily before work starts
  • Dedicated SharePoint site where we have all the documents, posters, directives, etc. available / accessible to all employees
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group for quick response to disseminate information to employees
  • We will provide assistance with quarantine, testing and process of claims through Workmen’s’ Compensation, should someone become ill at work.

The safety and well being of our staff, subcontractors and visitors is very important to Franki, therefore, we have developed a procedure to give clear guidance on consistent measures to ensure that Franki and its employees comply and safeguard themselves from infection.  #ThinkSafe