Vibro Compaction is a technique that compacts granular soils and rearrange the soil particulars into a denser state. The compaction is attained using depth vibrators, typically suspended from a crane or mounted on piling equipment. Vibro Compaction increases bearing capacity for shallow-footing construction, reduces settlements and also mitigates liquefaction potential in seismic areas. Natural or manmade deposits of sand and gravel are frequently not dense enough or are too inhomogeneous to allow a proposed structure to be safely and reliably founded. Using depth vibrators the soil density can be increased and homogenized independently from the groundwater table.

Positive Features

  • Fast and economical process
  • Method allows to utilize standard shallow footings
  • Result of compaction can easily be checked
  • Noise and vibration level are low
  • Environmental friendly as natural and in situ martials are used
  • Can be carried out to almost any depth
  • Suited to soil profiles with a high water table

Applications of Vibro Compaction

  • Suitable for granular soils with a fines content of less than 15%
  • Foundation pressure up to 1Mpa can be safely carried
  • Off-shore compaction of sea bed
  • Liquefaction mitigation
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • Deification of embankment zones and excavation bases to reduce permeability