Vibro Replacement is a method of constructing densely compacted stone columns using a depth vibrator to densify the aggregate backfill and surrounding granular soil. The technology is used to treat clays, silts and mixed stratified soils and improve their load bearing and settlement characteristics. Stone is introduced either down the side or from the tip of the vibrator and is compacted bottom-up in controlled stages. The stone columns reinforce soft soil, accelerate drainage and mitigates liquefaction due to a seismic event. Typical applications for stone columns include settlement and stability improvement below embankments and stockpiles; foundations for all type of building especially warehousing and industrial buildings; wind turbines and liquid storage tanks.

Positive Features

  • Fast and economical process
  • Allows to utilize standard shallow footings
  • Noise and vibration level are low
  • Environmental friendly as natural martials are used
  • Can be carried out to depth of more than 20m
  • Suited to a wide range of soil profiles with a high water table
  • The aggregates is fed directly to the tip of the vibrator creating a continuous column

Applications of Vibro Replacement

  • Suitable for very weak, cohesive and organic soils.
  • The allowable bearing pressure after improvement is typically in a range of 150 to 400kPa
  • Off-shore compaction for quay walls and bridge abutments
  • Liquefaction mitigation