Concrete solider piles can be installed to provide support either as cantilever walls, braced or tie-back walls, or to act as structural elements against which anchor forces are mobilised.

Positive Features

  • Good flexibility in relation to available pile types and diameters
  • Large diameter piles can provide increased stiffness for certain applications
  • Easily incorporated into permanent works
  • Can be designed to carry vertical loads
  • No corrosion protection required

The following pile types are usually the most suitable for use as concrete soldier piles:

  • Auger Piles
  • CFA Piles
  • Forum Bored Piles
  • Franki Piles

The use of concrete soldier piles requires that the soil is stable enough to arch between the piles for at least a short time period.  For certain soil profiles, stiff clays or dense residual soils, arching between the soldiers may provide sufficient secondary support for short and medium term stability.  In less stable soil profiles, soft clays or loose soils, etc., secondary support in the form of a lightly reinforced 50mm to 100mm gunite skin is provided between the piles.