Franki Africa is able to provide innovative and versatile soil anchor solutions in soft or very difficult ground conditions, where hole collapse renders conventional methods impractical.  This is done by utilising threaded hollow-bar anchors, which are pressure-grouted as the bars are installed.  Small holes at the tip of the disposable bit allow grout to be injected at pressure, compacting and improving the soil to the extent that ultimate bond stresses of between 100kPa and 200kPa, depending on soil type, can be guaranteed.  The angle of inclination of the bars can be changed so that the bars can also be used in compression or as a reticulated system.

Typical ultimate loads of between 220kN and 1950kN can be accommodated and grouting undertaken with pressures up to 6 MPa (60 bars) for high capacity hollow-threaded bars with diameters of between 30mm and 130mm.