Pipe Jacking is one of the oldest and most successful trenchless techniques available in the geotechnical contractor’s toolbox.  Using this technique it is possible to accurately install concrete culverts and pipes up to 3000mm in size in almost any ground condition.  Pipe Jacking entails manual excavation from within the protective confines of a jacking shield.  The jacking shield is jacked forward using high performance hydraulic jacks and once the shield has progressed far enough forward, a concrete pipe is then lowered into position behind the shield.  Excavation and jacking continues until sufficient pipe sections have been installed.

Small diameter sleeves between 100mm – 800mm can be installed using the Thrust bore method.  This technique involves jacking a steel sleeve under a road or service whilst the spoil inside the sleeve is removed by means of an auger.

Franki has over 30 successful years of experience installing Pipe Jacks and Thrust bores both within South Africa and outside of its borders.